Travis, 18 on Opportunities

What is your profession?
If you are a student, what school do you attend?
How old are you?
What community in New Mexico are you from? 
In your opinion, what is the one systemic change that would most improve student achievement in New Mexico schools?:
Getting students excited about school therefore increasing attendance and getting students more involved.
How does poverty impact the New Mexico dropout rates? OR How would you describe education inequity in New Mexico?:
Students that live in poverty are more likely to drop out to get a job to help support their family. That being said, more students are dropping out because poverty in New Mexico is increasing.
What can be done between pre-natal and 5 years of age that might impact the dropout rate?:
Providing youth 1-5 years of age with good care facilities like daycare, pediatrics, and offering reliable education systems to the youth will prepare and get them involved in the school earlier to better their chances of succeeding.
What is it going to take to provide EVERY New Mexico child with equal and equitable high quality life opportunities which are necessary for success?
I think in order for every child to have an equal opportunity for success they need to be provided with the same opportunities as everyone else. They should be offered the same curriculum taught at private schools.
What message do you want to tell policy makers?
I would like to see a big change in the educational system. Im a student and i dread going to school everyday. Why does it have to be like that? Why must we learn from text books that tell us “this is the right way, “this is how you do it”. In my opinion text books are boring and plain.They should hire teachers that can work with students personally and teach them. Not just walk into class and have your teacher say “turn to page 5″ and stare at your text book all period.