Lucy on education & making a better New Mexico

I am the youngest of 5 girls. My parents & three older sisters migrated to this country from Mexico in 1979.We all are successful Latinas. One of my oldest sister graduated with her doctorate in 2009 from the LLSS department at UNM, one is currently doing the same and the oldest of us all is in the final process of her doctoral program at ASU. If laws like this one had gone into effect when they were in college, they would not be where they are at today.

I am proud to be a Latina. Laws like these break my heart because it shows to me that we still have not moved from what has happened in the past. People have not learned from our history. We have a broken immigration system that will not be changed for positive if laws like this are introduced & passed. Many republicans should learn from former President Regan who granted legal residency to many undocumented people in the early 80′s through the Immigration Reform that he made. We should all work together to make a better New Mexico, and not hurt those that only know this state as being their own home.

Lucy, Albuquerque, NM.

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