Aly on driver licenses and ID cards

I personally agree with what is trying to be done in reference to immigration. My family is not from the United States. I am actually the first of our family to be born here in America. My grandmother has told me stories of some of the difficulties of coming and becoming a citizen, but she clearly states that she would have it no other way. She ¬†disagrees with what has been done in regards to allowing illegal immigrants to come here freely. The laws were put in place for a reason. Handing out Driver Licenses and ID cards to illegal immigrants means that these forms of identification mean absolutely nothing. They are to certify that you are from the US and the state you are receiving the ID from. Illegal immigrants aren’t from here! I think that if my family could go through the process, and become citizens of the United States, then everyone else coming into the Country can follow the rules to becoming a part of it.

Aly, Belen, NM., 21


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