Aleta on Addditional Services

How old are you?:
Do you have children?:
What community in New Mexico are you from?:
Albuquerque, Acoma & Laguna Pueblos
Why do you feel Early Childhood Development is important?:
I am a retired APS Education Administrator who started my career in education at Acoma Headstart.  As an educator we all know the importance of building a firm educational foundation in the early years that provide the support and headstart needed for a good education.  Unfortunately, there are additional services needed (health, social work, counseling, etc.) for the families, if the children hope to succeed in school.
What would you like to say to policy makers about Early Childhood Development?:
Early Childhood Education is a MUST especially in a state where there are many minority and rural concerns.  However there are additional supports (social work, counseling, health, etc.) that must be in place for families, if our children are to succeed in our or any educational system.
What is your earliest childhood memory?:
Being in the hospital, looking out of the crib that reminded me of a jail.
What are your hopes and dreams for your children?:
My children are now all grown, but I do have grandchildren.  I hope that my grandchildren receives an education that is good and will allow them to compete for jobs in any global sector.
Any other thoughts?:
I think the governor’s efforts to address an educational system at the 3rd grade level is so short-sided.  I also think that having a Education Secreatary with no direct education experience at the school level is a “slap in the face” of the people of New Mexico.  I hope that the Senate doesn’t confirm this “so called” educator.